Hello Artists!  Just a reminder, While I am not currently holding classes or camps in the studio, I am all about ZOOM PARTIES!! Please feel free to contact me with any questions for booking a socially distanced fun night of painting or crafting!!
If you prefer to hold a party in person, I will be super happy to do so wearing a mask. Please see party tab for information.



I have had some questions about reopening my in-home studio, so I thought I would let you know where I am at this point in time. I am waiting until all members of the Rotkis family have been vaccinated before resuming classes and camps. I ABSOLUTELY, FOR SURE, plan to reopen for the new school year with classes and camps like the good old days!! As of right now, September- May classes are in the works. More to come soon!!

I am holding off planning summer camps due to vaccine timing as well as as the fact that I desperately want to travel and vacation after being locked up in this house for so long. I realize this is not a very business forward decision, but it is needed for creative research


I cross my fingers that my students will continue on with me once I return on a regular schedule! This year has been truly trying in so many ways, but I have faith in the future for Imagine Arts as I enter year 7!! Peace, Love and ART

Current crafting kits available for porch pickup are mini macrame for beginners
& painting kits made to order.

*Pricing includes canvas and all supplies for porch pickup

8x10- $15 no zoom/ zoom $17

11x14 - $17 no zoom/ zoom $19

12x12- $17 no zoom/ zoom $19

16x20- $25 no zoom / zoom $27


*Parties with 25 or more,

zoom fee waived


Introducing Zoom sessions for Independent classes! Call or text me to set up your private lesson @ 815-735-7680.

-No supplies given. If you would like supplies, pricing will vary.

Each 1 hour of instruction is $20

My idea of art is to keep it FUN and CREATIVE. I let children "do their thing" while offering lessons, guidance and suggestions for their vision as they bring it to life through various forms of expression. Kids have an amazing ability to see beyond the boundaries of what life may tell us art is. I am in awe of this sense of wonder and insight and want to nourish it as much as I can with my students. 
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